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  • Gyutan


    Sendai City, the birthplace of Gyutan (beef tongue). Popular for its thick, tender and delicious cuts! Enjoy the classic grilled Gyutan but why not also try other variations such as the tongue stew or the boiled tongue.

  • Sushi


    Miyagi Prefecture has a renowned fishing ground. Close to fishing ports, enjoy the availability of fresh seafood and Miyagi specialty sushi toppings.

  • Zunda products

    Zunda products

    "Zunda" made by grinding Edamame beans. Enjoy many variants of this popular ingredient not only in the famous Miyagi specialty "Zunda mochi (Zunda rice cake) but also "Dorayaki (Sweet pancake sandwich) "Purin" (Japanese custard pudding), "Shake" (Milkshake)

Popular spot

  • Miyagi Zao Fox Village

    Miyagi Zao Fox Village

    More than 100 foxes greet you with a warm welcome! The only zoo in the country where you can see so many rare breeds of foxes.

  • Cats of Tashiro Island

    Cats of Tashiro Island

    A beautiful, natural remote island surrounded by the cobalt blue sea. Cats have long been said to bring great catch by the fishermen and seen as auspicious creatures that bring great luck. Cats can be seen everywhere with over 100 cats on the island.


  • Hotel Metropolitan Sendai

    Hotel Metropolitan Sendai


  • Hotel Metropolitan Sendai East

    Hotel Metropolitan Sendai East



  • S-PAL Sendai

    S-PAL Sendai


  • Gyutan Avenue/ Sushi Avenue/ Zunda Saryo

    Gyutan Avenue/ Sushi Avenue/ Zunda Saryo