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  • Akabeko


    Cute bobblehead doll with an adorable face. Akabeko (paper-mache) is a representative of Aizu folk crafts. It is said that Akabeko was started by Gamo Ujisato, the leader of the Aizu clan when he summoned the craftsmen to create this about 400 years ago.

Popular spot

  • Hanamiyama Park

    Hanamiyama Park

    Plum, several types of cherries, Forsythia, Bokeh, Cornus Officinalis, Magnolia Liliiflora, and flowering peach trees all bloom with magnificence. Truly a place where the word "To-Gen-Kyo" a concept of the ancient Chinese poet of Utopia is appropriate.


  • JR East Japan, Hotel Mets Fukushima

    JR East Japan, Hotel Mets Fukushima


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