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  • 豪華好禮!贈品大放送!






  • 追蹤「JSTO東北支部」官方帳號(@jstotohoku

    Follow the JSTO Tohoku official account@jstotohoku

  • 加「#jstotohoku」標籤,上傳至Instgram。

  • 我們將抽選一位幸運者,透過Instagram直接留言連絡。

  • 活動結束後,我們企劃將收到的上傳照片集結起來,舉辦一個「照片展」。






Hashtag活動事務局 郵箱



Terms and Conditions

Those who enter the JSTO Tohoku Hashtag Promotion through its official account (@jstotohoku) organized by General Incorporated Association Japan Shopping Tourism Organization Tohoku (hereinafter "Company"') (hereinafter "Poster") must read thoroughly and agree to the following before entry. Any person who posts a photo or video with the hashtag designated for the promotion is deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. Any person who cannot agree to that must not participate in the promotion.


  • The following cases are not accepted: the post is set as private; the post does not include the correct hashtag; the post was created by adding the hashtag to the data which has been posted; and the same data is used repeatedly.
  • When using a photo or video shot in the past, post it again during the promotion period.
  • Minors require consent from a parent before entry.
  • Data posted must be shot by the Poster.
  • Data posted should not include the Poster's personal information such as name, address, and phone number.
  • If the data includes any third party, it is the Poster's responsibility to obtain necessary permission before entry.
  • If the data includes any third party's intellectual property, it is the Poster's responsibility to obtain necessary permission before entry,
  • Posters must ensure that they possess the legal right of the data.
  • Posters must ensure that the data does not violate rights of any third party.
  • Terms of conditions of Instagram will apply for use of Instagram.


  • Some of photos and videos posted will be published on the JSTO Tohoku official account (@jstotohoku).
  • Posters agree that the data posted for this promotion may be used freely as archives or for its advertising purposes of various projects.


  • Violation of laws and regulation and aiding and abetting those act, and soliciting or forcing others to do those acts.
  • Placing a huge load on the server of this promotion.
  • Hindering the operation of this promotion.
  • Interfering third parties' entries to this promotion.
  • Pre-election campaign, election campaign, or an act similar to those, and any act conflicting with the Public Offices Election Act.
  • Infringing the dignity, social credibility, privacy, portrait rights, publicity rights, copyrights, or any other rights of third parties (including all cases stipulated by laws and ruled by legal precedents).
  • A conduct constituting calumniation, intimidation, or harassment to third parties.
  • Commercial events, auctions, or monetary payments relating to this promotion or similar acts.
  • Advertising products or services, publishing profile for advertising purposes, or promoting spam mail or chain mail.
  • Spoofing such as using a third party's name, company or organization name.
  • Disturbing public order, and acts against common sense.
  • Other acts similar to the above.

Announcement of Winner

  • After the promotion period, a winner will be selected and notified through Instagram direct messaging. Posters are requested to follow the JSTO Tohoku official account (@jstotohoku) and activate the push notification of Instagram on their devices.
  • The winner is not necessarily the Poster whose post is presented on the JSTO Tohoku official account (@jstotohoku), and it can be a Poster whose post is not presented.
  • The winner is requested to contact by following instructions during the period specified in the direct message. If the winner fails in contacting during the specified period, winning becomes invalid.


  • Due to unavoidable circumstances, the prize may be changed without prior notice.
  • If the prize cannot be delivered due to the incomplete address, change of address, or other reasons, winning becomes invalid.
  • The prize is not transferrable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.
  • Under the Act against Unjustifiable Premium and Misleading Representation, the winner of this promotion may not win other promotion by the Company.
  • When the Company find winning inappropriate, it becomes invalid.
  • The above may be subject to change depending on the prize items.


  • If a Poster causes damage to the Company or a third party by violating these terms and conditions, or conducting wrongful or illegal acts, the Poster will indemnify the damage.
  • When disputes arise between a Poster and a third party regarding the participation of this promotion, the Poster will resolve conflict by bearing the expenses and responsibility to hold the Company harmless against damage unless the cause of damage is the Company's intention or gross negligence.
  • If a Poster violates these terms and conditions and causes damage to the Company, the Company can claim the damage from the Poster.

Disclaimer and Other

  • The Company operates this promotion with meticulous care, but it does not provide any guarantee about completeness, correctness, safety, availability, and other effect of information, programs, various services, and all other items provided in relation to this promotion.
  • The Company will not be responsible for disputes or damage (regardless of direct or indirect) between a Poster and a third party caused by the following reasons.
    1. Failure of software/hardware, fire, electricity failure, deterioration of communication environment, earthquake, incidents, and other extraordinary situations.
    2. System maintenance for this promotion which is conducted on a regular basis or urgently.
    3. Disputes arouse between Posters or a Poster and a third party.
    4. Interrupt, delay, or default in any form of the services of this promotion due to denial of service or alteration of information by a third party.
    5. Entries which are not made from the environment recommended by the Company.
    6. Wrongly transmitted or default of information provided by this promotion without intention or gross negligence.
    7. Cases where entries cannot be made due to the server's heavy traffic.
  • The Company may change or cancel part or all of this promotion without prior notice to Posters.
  • The Company may change these terms and conditions without prior notice to Posters as deemed necessary, and may take necessary action in order to ensure the proper operation of this promotion.
  • Cost of internet connection and communication incurred by entering this promotion should be borne by the Posters.
  • This promotion is not supported, approved, operated, or involved by Instagram.

Personal Information

  • The Company may collect Posters' personal information.
  • Personal information obtained from Posters by the Company will not be provided to a third party (excluding outsourcing contractors that operate the office) without the Poster's consent.
Purpose of use of personal information

The office (including the Company) uses Posters' personal information for communication required for this promotion such as confirming the winner or delivering the prize, and getting feedback for the Company's business activities.

Change of Terms and Conditions

  • The Company may change these terms and conditions without Posters' consent.
  • When changes are made to these terms and conditions, the latest version will apply to all Posters.
  • The latest version will be effective from the time when they are uploaded on the website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  • All disputes related to use of this site shall be resolved by the Sendai District Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction.

Additional Clause

These terms and conditions become effective from December 1, 2019.

Follow the JSTO Tohoku official account@jstotohoku